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Q1: What is your latest single "Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide" like?
JJ: "Bolero" is the theme song of the movie "Subaru", its a dramatic ballad. "KTBS" is a refreshing and light song composed by Yoochun, which will have you humming to it unconsciously. "Wasurenaide" is a sad ballad full of gentleness, which I composed.

Q2: Please tell us about the important points to take note of when singing these 3 songs.
JS: "Bolero" would be a really difficult song to sing solo, please do it in groups of 2-3. Use a happy/cheerful mood to sing "KTBS"; it would be easier to get into the mood of "Wasurenaide" if you dim the lights a little.

Q3: What do you need to take note of while performing these 3 songs live?
YH: Use your expressions and ability to liven up the atmosphere to make the audience happy.

Q4: Recently, what is your favourite song in the Karaoke?
CM: "ORION" by Mika Nakashima.

Q5: Please talk about the ideal song for Valentine's Day.
JS: "Eternal" by EXILE. The atmosphere of the song really suits Valentine's Day.

Q6: The earliest music you came into contact with?
YH: "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson.

Q7: How did you come to like music?
JS: I wanted to be a similar artist after seeing a Korean group, "H.O.T" perform. That's how it started.

Q8: Your favourite thing, recently?
CM: Car.

Q9: Say something to JOYSOUND fans who love Karaoke.
YC: Enjoy yourselves in the Karaoke session and let go of the stress you've been holding!

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Valentines' Memories
Bubble-like THSK's long awaited ST comeback- lets have a look at the world-famous group's Valentines' Interview!

Q: Its going to be Valentines' soon! What beautiful memories do you guys have of it?
Yunho: For me, I once had a Valentines' date in a beautiful restaurant, together with another couple who were my friends.
Junsu: I received anonymous chocolates... its like that!
Jaejoong: I received a lot of chocolates in the second term when I was in 6th grade. More than 10, and 6 of these people confessed their love to me.
Yoochun: Popularity king~!!

Q: Did you like any of them?
Jaejoong: No, but one of them was... my first kiss!
All: Ohhhhh~~~!!!
Junsu: In elementary school? It was a kiss, but a peck, right?
Jaejoong: There wasn't much difference! ! I didnt have many friends as I left home at 15. So that was my only memory of Valentine's Day.
Changmin: As for me... I don't exactly have any memory of Valentines'. I was even shier when I was in school... -sighs-
Yoochun: When I was in Grade 5, I received chocolates from all the girls in Grades 5 and 6. I was really proud of that.

Q: How many did you get?
Yoochun: Don't know, I didn't count! There were 12 classes and around 35 students per class; of which about half were girls.
Junsu: Over 300?!! Envious~!!
Yoochun: I didnt really go to school much between Grades 1-6, because I spent most of my time in sports. So I suppose they liked me because I wasn't always around. However, a lot of energy and time was spent transporting those chocolates. My dad had to drive to school to move all the chocolates home. -laughs-

Q: Tell us what would be a foolproof confession method for Valentines'!
Junsu: ...... (nobody knows what he's babbling about) ..... Eh no its not a joke! Let me finish!
Yoochun: Okay, we know!
Yunho: Okay, okay. A long coat would be good. Isn't there something about "flying over to meet her" and a hug or something like that.
Yoochun: It'd be best to go over without any makeup. Absolutely none. And no dyed hair, preferably in its natural condition.
Jaejoong: I think this would be good- "Its really cold, and I've been waiting for you."
-exchanges high 5 with YC-
Yoochun: That's a good one!
Changmin: If its someone who likes you, she would probably wait. Confess your love courageously!
Yunho: Although the way you present yourself is important, what's even more important is your sincerity. You might be shy, but I think it would be really cool if you could express properly what you want to convey.
Jaejoong: Tell her everything you feel! Although there isn't anyone I like now, I'm still waiting. When I stand before you, please say to me, "Its really cold. I've been waiting for you." -laughs-

JJ he is waiting for me *blushing*
I Love You <3

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Source:泷爱在在+ 金家四少的爱+ Red_Sense @baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero
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